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Pete & Pat Luboff

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(Luboff means "love" in Russian) and we love songwriters! We want to encourage you to continue to write songs, to improve your ability to express yourself, to pursue songwriting as a career if that is your choice, and to just plain have fun while playing in the creative flow.

About Us

We are songwriters, music publishers and songwriting educators. For many years we were music business photojournalists and arts administrators. In 40 years of working as a team, we have built a broad base of knowledge of the music business with particular emphasis in all aspects of songwriting and have developed extensive contacts with hundreds of songwriters, producers, music publishers and record label executives.

As songwriters, we have had success with “Trust Me,” the first single on Snoop Dogg’s “Topp Dogg” album, “I Wish He Didn’t Trust Me So Much,” a No. 2 chart recording by Bobby Womack, “Body Language” cut by Patti LaBelle (gold album) and the featured song in the John Travolta movie, “The Experts,” “The Son My Daddy Never Had,” a charting Country single with Miko Marks, and recordings by Michael Peterson, Glenn Jones, among others.


Pat & Pete at the Bluebird Cafe

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Here are our services

Song Consultations

 Our philosophy is that we work with you as if you are a collaborator. That’s why we don’t call them critiques! We can work with one song at a time, or a group of songs. We also call this our, “have it your way” service, because we want to give you what you want and need. That could be feedback on your songs, music business advice, or guidance on how to enjoy the songwriting life!

A Song For You

Your special occasion deserves a special song!  Want to celebrate your romance?  We will write a personalized love song, a proposal song, a wedding song an anniversary song!  Welcome a new baby or bid farewell to a loved one.  Wish someone a happy birthday or a happy retirement.

Our Books


12 Steps to Building Better Songs

 Our book takes you through the process of writing a song from first inspiration to final riff.  Follow these steps and you WILL write better songs!


101 Songwriting Wrongs & How to Right Them

Takes you on the songwriting journey from capturing the song idea to cashing the checks.  On the way, learn about lyric writing, collaboration, demo making, pitching,

What Songwriters
Need to Know

Check out our informative articles, interviews and songwriting agreements.  Lots of free information.