We will Write a Song for You!

Why play a generic wedding song at your ceremony when you can have a unique song that’s just about you? Tell your own true love story in song. Or, have your special vows set to music.

Why give your love a Valentine’s Day gift of empty calories or flowers that will fade when you can give her (or him!) a song that will live in her heart forever?

We’re Pete and Pat Luboff, gold and platinum songwriters. We will meet with you or interview you on the phone in depth and discuss the content and style of the song you want written. We’ll write a song just for you. We’ll show you the song and make any changes you ask for until you love it!

Our charge for the writing of the song is $1,100. We will give you a simple recording of the song on CD and a lyric sheet.

Please note Pea Pod Music will maintain ownership of the copyright on the song and the recording.

Please feel free to call or email for further information: We'll be happy to email you samples of custom songs we have written for other clients.

Here's an example of song we wrote for a wedding:

Harry & Nancy’s story: Harry’s wife of 50 years died. In his grief, he wondered why he had been punished so. Nancy had been through several bad marriages and told us she just didn’t know how to pick men. Harry & Nancy had lived across the street from each other for years and began dating after Harry’s wife died. Despite some criticism from neighbors and family, they resolved to declare their love and get married as soon as possible. This was in the light of the knowledge that life needs to be lived while we have a chance to live it.

Here’s another wedding song

Pat & Mike’s story: Pat and Mike both came from dysfunctional backgrounds with abandoning and abusive parents. Until they found each other, they were hurt in a series of failed relationships. When they fell in love, they helped each other change and grow and they became happy. They were surprised and grateful, because both of them felt they would never know the kind of love they found in each other.



When her heart had been broken again and again

She told her self I don’t know how to pick men

It’s not like I’m not trying

It just seems like I can’t

Then love came around and

gave her Another Chance


When the love of his life was taken from him

He asked himself Why me? What was my sin?

I can’t live all alone

I’m not that kind of man

Then love came around and

gave him Another Chance


What a happy surprise

Love was right before their eyes

All they had to do was see

Love was waiting across the street


Bless the courage they’re showing to take a stand

to join their hearts with these gold wedding bands

Life is the song they’re singing

Now’s the time to dance

Bless Harry and Nancy

for giving love Another Chance

Bless Harry and Nancy

for giving love Another Chance


© Pea Pod Music 615-578-2035


Always was always a word

A promise no one would keep

A word with the power to hurt

When time came for someone to leave


Forever was never

Till you came and I changed…for the better

In big ways, in small ways

All ways

I’m gonna love you…


Always was always a word

I never thought I would say

To love and be loved in return

To show you I do every day


Forever was never

till you came and I changed…For the better

In big ways, in small ways

All Ways

I’m gonna love you

For worse or for better


I’m gonna Love you




© Pea Pod Music/QSC Music 615-578-2035