What Songwriters need to know

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What to do BEFORE you Write a Song

Take out the trash, sharpen all your pencils, clean the toilet, read your junk mail, clip your toenails..but seriously…

Fear and Songwriting

Fear has no place in the continuous learning process we call songwriting, but it is invisibly present everywhere.

How Do You Know When You've Finished Writing A Song?

We asked the great Don Wayne who wrote “Country Bumpkin” and “Saginaw Michigan,” how do you know when the song is done? Even after more than 50 years of writing great songs, his answer was, “That’s a tough question.”

Put Your Song to the Tests

Using these tests as you’re writing will help you to craft songs that create more than a passing interest from listeners.

Some basic information

from an online interview

An Online Chat with NSAI:

Covers a lot of territory from writer’s block to holds on songs.

Contents of "101 Songwriting Wrongs & How to Write Them"

Here are the subjects covered in Part One. There are ten parts, 101 chapters in total.

Cutting up the collaboration: Don't kill the goose

We often get questions from songwriters who are quibbling over how to split up percentages of credit in a collaboration.

Collaboration Agreement

Here’s the collaboration agreement we use. We made it up ourselves and do not claim it is perfect.

An offer you can’t refuse

What to do and not to do when approached for a use of your song. If a publisher is interested, he or she will most likely offer you a single song contract. What to do?